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Features of WAP Proof Emulator

Example of WML browsing - Yahoo WAP page in WAP Proof emulator

WAP Proof is a professional WML/XHTML browser and emulator of several mobile terminals intended for developers of mobile content. It displays mobile web pages exactly as if they were loaded by a real cell phone. The source code of the document may be viewed as well. WAP Proof works over HTTP like a usual HTML browser and has the most of its features, such as:

  • Using bookmarks
  • Changing the document encoding
  • Working offline

The following features are particularly useful for mobile content developers:

  • XML syntax validation and highlight
  • Tolerance to XML syntax errors
  • Viewing entities as characters
  • Logging of the HTTP traffic
  • Modification of HTTP headers
  • Direct access to the HTTP query
  • Modification of POST requests
  • Viewing WML context variables
  • Control over WML events

Install the Professional version and get more features:

  • Copy page contents to the clipboard
  • Indent the document and CSS resources
  • Viewing page resources
  • More mobile devices

WAP Proof displays all the mobile web formats:

To avoid rendering of large computer-oriented web pages, WAP Proof will warn you if the web page is too large and is not intended to be opened by a WAP browser.

Browse WAP pages by different mobile phones


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