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Frequently asked questions

Purpose of WAP Proof

There is a wide variety of models of mobile phones in the world, which differ in color resolution, in screen size, or in the keyboard. Every producer equippes mobile phones with its own WAP browser. This makes the development of mobile sites difficult, since the designer must test the site on a number of mobile phones and must therefore pay for devices themselves and for the WAP access.

Another problem of mobile terminals is that most of them require strict XML syntax of documents. The ordinary browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla, will display a page with invalid syntax, which helps the designer to find an error on page. On the contrary, the mobile browser will display something like "Invalid syntax", so you need to check the syntax by an XML validator.

The purpose of WAP Proof is to simplify the development of WAP sites. Several emulators of mobile terminals, such as Alcatel, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, etc. are available, and the user may switch between them by few mouse clicks. WAP Proof has a built-in XML syntax checker including DTD check, therefore all errors in a document will be displayed in a user-friendly form.

Which mobile devices are emulated by WAP Proof?

WAP Proof emulates the following microbrowsers: Alcatel One Touch 735, Motorola K3, Nokia 5100, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6670, Sagem MY-X5, Samsung X480, Siemens S55, Siemens CL75, Sony Ericsson K810i and Sony Ericsson T610. WAP Proof 2008 Professional includes also Alcatel One Touch C825, Motorola L9, Motorola V3, Nokia 3110, Nokia 6230i, Philips P390, Samsung E390, Samsung X510, Sony Ericsson K700 and Sony Ericsson W610i.

Please note that older mobile devices which do not support HTML were removed from WAP Proof 2008.

Does WAP Proof support WTP/WSP stack?

No, WAP Proof does not support WTP/WSP stack. It works over HTTP like an usual HTML browser.

Does WAP Proof support XHTML?

Yes, WAP Proof supports XHTML Mobile Profile and HTML in version 2.0 and higher. Note that ordinary web pages must be open with caution, since their rendering may take a long time and their representation on a screen of a mobile terminal may be wrong.

Does WAP Proof support i-mode?

The markup language for i-mode is cHTML, which is a subset of XHTML and is therefore displayed by WAP Proof version 2.0 or higher. However, in WAP Proof there are still no mobile terminals supporting i-mode.

Is it possible to use WAP Proof from a command line?

Yes, you can use the path to the mobile-oriented document (WML or XHTML) as a command-line parameter. WAP Proof may also be embedded in the Windows shell to open WML and XHTML documents.

Can WAP Proof help me to configure WAP settings and view WAP pages on my mobile phone?

No, WAP Proof does not contain WAP settings for mobile phones. Ask your mobile operator for the WAP settings of your mobile phone.

I have a problem: WAP Proof does not show me web pages.

1. Check that the web page you are attempting to view can be opened in your web browser (Mozilla or Internet Explorer). It can be done by copying the URL from WAP Proof's URL line to the web browser's URL line. If the web browser does also report an error, check your network settings.

2. Check the HTTP proxy settings in WAP Proof (select menu item Tools->Options and open the dialog box, then click "HTTP" tab). You can take proxy settings from the settings of your web browser or ask your system administrator for them.

Why do I need to register WAP Proof?

The registration gives you right to use WAP Proof during an unlimited period and to get the minor updates for free. Please note that use of any cracks or keygens is prohibited and may cause the infection of your computer by trojans, viruses and other malware, which may damage your system unrecoverably.

Why do I need to activate WAP Proof after the registration?

The online activation performs an additional check of your registration code on our server. The activation must be done during a week after the purchase of WAP Proof, otherwise the opening of web pages will be disabled (you still will be able to open documents from a local filesystem). If you have problems with access to the Internet, the activation can be made through e-mail (you will need to send us a request code provided by WAP Proof and enter the response code returned to you by e-mail).

I have paid for WAP Proof, but the registration code was not sent to me!

Probably your order was suspended by the automatic fraud check system. In this case, your order will be checked manually and you will be charged and get the registration code within one business day. If you wish to request the status of your order, please use the online support form.

If you were charged but the registration code was still not delivered to you, please contact us via the online support form.

I have received the registration code, but the application tells me that the code is invalid. Please help!

The registration code is a long (88-character) string which is sent to you by e-mail after the registration. To register WAP Proof, you must copy the whole string to the clipboard and then paste it to the appropriate field of the registration dialog. Some e-mail agents split this string in two lines because on their opinion it is too long. The registration procedure is the same: copy these two lines and paste them to the registration dialog. However, in this case some older versions of WAP Proof may report that the registration code is invalid. Please open a text editor and merge two strings manually into one (avoid converting characters to uppercase or removing finalizing == characters). Copying this string to the clipboard and pasting in the registration dialog must help to complete the registration.

Besides the registration code, you must also enter your name. The name must be entered exactly as it is written in the e-mail with the registration code, otherwise the registration may fail.

If the registration still fails, please contact us via the online support form. We will send you the name and the registration code in a .DOC file, so the e-mail agent could't corrupt them.

Does WAP Proof show WAP pages exactly as they would be displayed on a real mobile phone?

The engine of WAP Proof has nothing in common with any mobile browser implemented in a mobile phone. Therefore, we can not guarantee that any WAP page will be rendered by WAP Proof exactly as by a native browser of a mobile phone. However the similarity of WAP Proof emulator to the corresponding mobile device is our aim and we consider any difference between a mobile phone and WAP Proof as a bug. Please note that mobile phones may be equipped by different software versions, so the pages may be displayed in different ways even by mobile phones of the same model.

Can I use WAP Proof to make presentations in WML or to demonstrate my mobile resources?

Yes, you can use either trial version (time-limited!) or registered version.

Can I include the trial version of WAP Proof in a CD or a Web software catalog?

Yes, but you should not charge for the trial version (only for a CD as a whole). The distribution of a registered version or a serial number is prohibited.

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