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Download the modern tool for mobile web content development - WAP Proof 2008

WAP Proof is an emulator of a WAP browser for Microsoft Windows. It is designed for the preview and debugging of mobile websites. By using the WAP emulator, you can view mobile-oriented (WML, XHTML, cHTML and HTML) pages exactly as if they were opened by a real mobile phone and switch between different mobile devices by few mouse clicks. The HTTP request sent by this WAP emulator is similar to a real mobile browser request, so WAP Proof can be used for the development of resources being sensitive to the user-agent.

WAP Proof can be used to validate the syntax of WML or XHTML documents, debug the interactive WAP pages, and check the HTTP traffic between the browser and the server. The error diagnostics is descriptive and all the debugging information is accessible. To learn more about the features of the software, read the "Features" section.

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Purpose of WAP Proof

WAP Proof may help your business if you provide web application development or develop such mobile web systems as:

  • Mobile content management systems (sale of ringtones, mobile logos, etc.)
  • Public WAP sites, such as news, magazines, sport or weather services
  • Mobile-oriented online shops
  • Mobile banking and trading
  • WAP interface for corporate web systems (HR management, technical support)
  • Personalization of mobile web resources, mobile community and blog services
  • Mobile interface for online games

Why WAP Proof?

  • All-in-one (21 different mobile devices are emulated)
  • All necessary elements of SDK (XML validation, HTTP log, access to resources, etc.)
  • Support of non-Latin encodings (Hebrew, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek)
  • Support of East-Asian alphabets (Korean, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Intuitive "Windows-XP" interface (do not think about it, just work on your task)
  • Good context help
  • Low price compared to similar commercial WAP emulators

We announce the release of WAP Proof 2008. This version hase a Vista-style interface and an improved engine for HTML page rendering. Please note that all customers who purchased WAP Proof 2007 (version 3) in March 2008 can install WAP Proof 2008 (version 4) without charge!

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